When You Need Auto Repair, You Need AJ’s Automotive

AJ’s Automotive fixes engines, brakes, fuel and electrical systems, transmissions, and much more. We’re your full-service solution for all things auto repair.

Whether it’s your engine, brakes, transmission, tires, or electrical or fuel system acting up, we’ll get to the root of the problem and quickly repair it for a fair price.

No vehicle is “just” a vehicle. Your car or truck is how you get to work, how you take care of your family, and how you enjoy your time off. It deserves the utmost care whenever it’s acting up, which is why it deserves to come to AJ’s Automotive.

We are able to diagnose and repair any problem a vehicle could exhibit – quickly, economically, and with the honesty you should expect from a locally owned business. We’re proud to be your neighborhood mechanic!


An engine is more than an assembly of moving parts. It is a series of controlled explosions – no less than a living, breathing thing. We understand these complex machines and make them run like clockwork.


The transmission translates raw engine power into efficient propulsion. We want your transmission working perfectly so you can turn every drop of fuel into pure speed.


While every part of your vehicle which drive it forward is important, the parts which actually make it stop are crucial. We make sure you have total control at all times by keeping your brakes in perfect order.

Fuel Systems

Without an optimized fuel system, your engine becomes a 350-pound paperweight. Keep your engine’s fuel supply constant and clean with our expert assistance.


Tires are quite literally where the rubber meets the road. Whether you’re looking for racing or reliable all-season tires for the family sedan, AJ’s Automotive sells, balances and mounts the tire industry’s very best.


You will be amazed by what a little mechanic magic can do. We regularly perform preventative maintenance, as well as diagnose areas where a vehicle is underperforming so we can make it run perfectly once more.


Battery, starter and alternator: If any of these parts aren’t working correctly, you will be lucky if your vehicle will even start. Fortunately, Canton, South Dakota’s electrical system guru is on call.

Diesel Engines

Would you take your sick child to an animal doctor? Then why would you trust your diesel engine with anyone less than a specialist? We love diesels and know exactly what makes them tick.


Without proper alignment you’re going to damage your tires and forfeit handling. We’re masters of camber, toe and caster, and we practice our art by offering perfect wheel alignment.


Need to get your vehicle from A to B quickly and safely? Whether they’re bringing it to our shop or anywhere else, AJ’s experienced tow truck operators are standing by to transport your valuable property.

We can get any vehicle purring like a happy kitten. Contact AJ’s Automotive today!