An Auto Body Deserves No Less Than AJ’s

AJ’s Automotive offers industry-leading auto body work for vehicles of all makes and models. Come to us for collision repair, hail damage, paint jobs and more.

Collisions, hail, and the passage of time do no favors to any vehicle. Bring your car or truck to AJ’s and we’ll have it looking like a million bucks in no time at all.

What’s under the hood is important, but every vehicle deserves to have an immaculate body as well. That’s why AJ’s Automotive offers a complete solution for all your vehicular body repair and restoration needs.

When an unfortunate collision, a fall of hail, or the good old ravages of time have turned your vehicle into anything less than a work of art, our fully equipped body shop and seasoned body experts are standing by to give you something you’ll be proud to be seen driving.

Collision Repair

Maybe someone else on the road made the indefensible mistake of hitting your vehicle. Or maybe you made a perfectly honest mistake and did a little damage to your own vehicle. Either way, our collision repair service will have your car or truck looking like mint condition in no time at all. Consider us your local collision repair expert!

Hail Damage

Mother Nature can be a real jerk sometimes. When Midwestern weather has decided to treat your vehicle to a torrent of hail, count on AJ’s Automotive to make it whole again. Whether your vehicle has come out of a hailstorm with just a few dents and dings or looking like a block of Swiss cheese, you can count on our glass and body work.

Auto Paint

The clothes make the man; the paint makes the car. We’re just enthusiastic about restoring a vehicle’s factory paint job as we are about creating a hot and fresh new custom look. And when you engage you pick the Canton area’s preeminent authority on paint jobs, you can rest assured your vehicle’s going to keep looking great for a very long time.

Mobile Media Blasting

We utilize our multimedia blaster to eradicate surface rust, caked on grease and oil, graffiti and more. Our nontoxic, nonflammable and nonhazardous mobile media blasting service is as suitable for restoring vehicles as it is homes, monuments and other private and public property.

A pristine auto body awaits. Contact AJ’s Automotive today!